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Paver Maintenance in Tampa, FL

Follow the guidelines and practices for preventative paver maintenance in Tampa, FL, and get the most out of your new outdoor patio and driveway. Our paver maintenance company offers a full suite of services including power scrubbing, pressure cleaning, and de-greasing of your existing interlocking pavers. Our attention to detail and our ongoing support for our customers are what separate this company from the others in this community.

The contractors at Gemstone Concrete Coatings LLC understand first-hand how an active family can leave a new interlocking paver patio looking a little worse for wear. The consistent rain and growing weeds can separate your pavers and lead to an infestation of mold and mildew. When you take full advantage of our paver maintenance service, you are sure to get more enjoyment out of this valuable investment.

Choose an experience paver maintenance contractor for the care and upkeep of your new patio. If your pavers are allowed to fade and crack, you may find yourself less-likely to hold that annual barbeque that you have become famous for. A patio is an asset for any homeowner in need of a place to relax and entertain. So make the smart choice and keep your pavers looking great without a huge expense on your part.

A Paver Maintenance Company with a Plan

Keeping your new patio or driveway crafted from interlocking pavers may seem like a great deal of work. But when you establish a partnership with our proven paver maintenance company, you will begin to see how smart a move this can be. Periodic washing and cleaning is essential for the maintenance and upkeep of your paver patio. Our team offers a paver maintenance service that includes scrubbing, pressure washing, and de-greasing.

It is also important to understand what should be kept off of your new patio surface. Avoid keeping planters and flower boxes directly on your new pavers. This allows for circulation of air and proper drainage. Planters that drain directly onto your pavers can ruin the look and feel of your patio.

Paved Steps in Clearwater, FL

A Friendly Paver Maintenance Contractor

Maximize the enjoyment you experience with your new paver surface with the help of our paver maintenance contractor. Our concrete coating company is focused on providing you with the best experience possible. From the care we give to every paver we lay and the scheduled maintenance we offer, your satisfaction is your primary concern.

Contact us to hire a detail-oriented team for hardscape and paver maintenance. We proudly serve customers in Clearwater and other communities surrounding Tampa Bay.