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Epoxy Flooring in Tampa, FL

Learn more about the proven durability and lasting performance that comes from our epoxy flooring in Tampa, FL. Gemstone Concrete Coatings LLC has been developing and perfecting a process for applying and maintaining epoxy flooring for nearly three decades. This process gives you a floor that is capable of more than a standard sheet of concrete.

When you take full advantage of our epoxy flooring service, you get the floors that suit your needs. Life in your garage can involve plenty of spills and other accidents. After years of exposure to automotive chemicals and the regular impacts involved with heavy equipment and tools, your flooring is sure to begin to break down. Caring for an uncoated floor is sure to consume far more of your time than it should as well.

Make an investment in an epoxy floor, and save yourself a great deal of time and effort over the next decade. Choose a color scheme that matches your home and the teams you root for every Saturday and Sunday. When you establish a partnership with our growing epoxy flooring company, your garage and kitchen are sure to become a source of pride for everyone in your family.

Epoxy Floor Being Installed in Commercial Garage in Clearwater, FL

An Advanced Epoxy Flooring Service

Unlike many painting companies and automotive parts warehouses, our company specializes in the application and care of concrete flooring and pavers. Our epoxy flooring service provides you with options you never thought possible, and the resulting look is sure to have others inquiring about our services as well.

The benefits of having an epoxy floor go well beyond the cosmetic, as this innovative element of protection can save you time and money in the coming years. With an epoxy floor in your garage, the time and effort involved with cleaning and maintenance are greatly reduced. All you need to clean a floor of this kind is a damp mop.

An Epoxy Flooring Company That Values Your Time

Instead of spending your weekend painting yourself into a corner, make the call to our epoxy flooring company for a solution. This non-porous flooring system is resistant to most chemical staining, and the increased appeal is hard to match with a store-bought product. Whether you are looking to renovate your back porch or you are creating a destination in your garage, our company has something to offer you. Make automotive maintenance an adventure when you make an investment in our garage floor epoxy.

Contact us today to experience our prompt and professional process for applying and caring for epoxy flooring. We proudly serve customers in Clearwater and other communities surrounding Tampa Bay.