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Decorative Concrete in Tampa, FL

Transform your barren backyard into a center of activity for summer fun with your affordable approach to decorative concrete in Tampa, FL. Outdoor living is a part of why people move to the gulf coast of the Sunshine State, and a patio with decorative pavers is an integral part of this appeal. Gemstone Concrete Coatings LLC is a decorative concrete company that understands the need for a patio that accentuates your pool and surrounding landscape.

Any contractor is capable of pouring a basic concrete surface in your backyard, but only a team of skill craftsmen is capable of creating surfaces that look and feel just like stone and tile. Our decorative concrete service puts you in control of the creative process, so the finished product is something you can be proud of. Many of our customers appreciate the dedication we bring to every project we take on. Instead of hiding your backyard from the rest of the neighborhood, start building something that others will want in their own yards in short order.

Establish a connection with our decorative concrete contractor and learn more about our innovative process for coating and sealing just about anything in your backyard. With a combination of urethane deck coatings, and attractive interlocking pavers, the outdoor experience is sure to be a major selling point to any potential buyers, as well.

Dedicated Decorative Concrete Company

Instead of hiring a general contractor to pour a nondescript concrete surface in your backyard, make a change for the better with the help of our decorative concrete company. Concrete doesn't have to be dull, and your home or business deserves a patio and decking you can be proud of. That is what makes our company the one to turn to for any renovation project. Our design assistance provides you with an expanded set of options for your home.

Decorative Sidewalk in Clearwater, FL

A Dependable Decorative Concrete Service

When you make our decorative concrete service a part of your approach to home maintenance, you get more than just a solid surface to put your grill on. The pavers that make up your outdoor patio are exposed to the elements, and that can cause them to break down and fade over time. That is why we offer a proven approach to preventative maintenance and care. Our decorative concrete contractor uses advanced concrete cleaning products that are both solvent and water-based, depending on the particular situation at your home. This helps to extend the lifespan of your patio and saves you money in the long run. Take full advantage of our preventative services, including:

Contact us today to enhance the appeal of any home or office with our decorative concrete. We proudly serve customers in Clearwater and other communities surrounding Tampa Bay.